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​​​​​Cultural Sustainability

We take cultural sustainability seriously:

Injury Reduction

  • Through a comprehensive Safety Program, injuries were down 22% in 2018 vs. 2017

  • Injuries or work-related illness was 4.7 per 100 team members in 2018

  • Injury tracking software is used to categorize injuries and look for problem areas. In 2018, we drove down our number-one injury category to #3 on the list. It's a 90% reduction over the past 10 years.

  • Our Accident Reduction Team utilizes data from the injury tracking software to identify trends and prioritize facilities, line or specific hazards

Wellness & Employee Engagement Initiatives

  • On-site Physical Therapy

  • On-site Physician's Assistant and Medical Assistant

  • Corporate Health & Wellness Supervisor

  • On-site weight loss program

  • Organic farm stand and community supported agriculture program

  • On-site fitness facility with personal trainer and group classes

  • Rx program

  • Annual health fair

  • Stress management program

  • Nutrition education

  • Tobacco reduction/cessation program

  • Chaplaincy program

  • Legal advice provided by local law firm

  • Mobile mammograms

  • Banking and money advice from local credit union

Employee retention initiatives

  • Retention has improved by 2% over the past 3 years

  • Pay rate is approximately 50% higher than minimum wage

  • Annual performance review

  • Service award recognition program     

Benefits  Competitive and comprehensive benefits package

Diversified workforce

  • 42% are female

  • Hmong and Hispanic outreach – we have reached out to multiple organizations that support these communities and work with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to communicate to minority groups as they move to Wisconsin. We work with two organizations in Puerto Rico to support those who would like to move to Wisconsin. 

  • 15% of the 2,100 Brakebush employees have been with the company for over 20 years