​​​​​Environmental Sustainability

Brakebush strives to be environmentally responsible:

Water Recycling

  • We have 100% water recycling at our Westfield facility where we have our own well and water system.

  • The ground water used in processing is treated in our water treatment facility and recycled/irrigated back on 378 acres of surrounding farmland.

  • There is no community wastewater or water system burden at our Westfield facility.

  • Ground water run-off control systems are in place.  All run-off goes into a drainage pond where all particulates are collected so they don’t contaminate surrounding areas.

  • The amount of pounds produced decreased by 14.5% in 2020, and gallons of water per pound decreased by 8.1%.

Refrigerant Reuse  We use environmental-friendly refrigerants to cool or freeze our finished products.All of our plants use self-contained, closed loop ammonia systems to cool the production floor and store chicken.

Sustainable Land Stewardship Plan  "The purpose of the Stewardship Plan is to encourage the growth of future commercial crops through sound forestry practices which consider the objectives of individual property owner, forest aesthetics, wildlife habitat, erosion control, protection of endangered or threatened plants and animals, and compatible recreational activities." The plan covers 1,200 forested acres, as well as 400 acres of cropland and 5 ponds.

Solid and Hazardous Waste

  • We recycle 100% of our cardboard. Cardboard is locally sourced and is made from an average of 55% recycled materials. 

  • The use of recycled materials instead of trees has resulted in:
    - 60,400 trees not harvested
    - 10,000 tons of wood not consumed
    - 1,820 acres of forest not disturbed
    - 32,000 million BTUs not consumed
    - 31,400,000 pounds of CO2 equivalent not emitted
    - 14,000,000 fewer gallons of water consumed
    - 100,000 pounds of solid waste not generated
  • All pallets are 100% recycled and made in the same states as our facilities (Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, and North Carolina). 

  • 100% of all metal is collected and recycled

  • 100% of vegetable oil is recycled into biodiesel or animal feed

  • In 2020, we recycled 76,355 pallets, along with 840 tons of cardboard and 623 tons of paper breading bags. 

Transportation Initiatives and Results

  • 100% of fleet tractors are equipped with Auxiliary Power Units – saving an estimated 121,712 gallons of fuel in 2020.

  • 100% of fleet tractors have aerodynamic trailer skirts saving an estimated 33,257 gallons of fuel in 2020.

  • Overall fleet average mile per gallon did not increase in 2020.

  • 100% of fleet tractors meet or exceed EPA 2010 emission standards

  • 100% of company drivers utilize electronic logging devises. Zero citations issued by the FMCSA for Hours of Service violations.

  • Our drivers are incentivized for efficient driving practices. Drivers qualify for quarterly fuel mileage bonuses as well as one for reducing out-of-route miles.

Greenhouse gas reduction plan  

  • We continue to invest in new technology for new or updated production lines. 
  • Our use of recylcled packaging materials in 2020 resulted in a 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which is equal to 2,850 fewer cars on the road for a year.

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