NAE Chicken (Raised With No Antibiotics Ever)

At Brakebush, we refer to our antibiotic-free chicken as NAE (Raised With No Antibiotics Ever). Why? It’s simple... the USDA regulates withdrawal periods to ensure that no chicken meat contains antibiotics or antibiotic residue. That means that at some point, those “antibiotic-free” chickens, may have received antibiotics. While antibiotics are minimally used among chicken producers, they are sometimes necessary to maintain the health of the flocks. 

Our NAE products are made from chickens fed an all-vegetarian diet and raised without antibiotics. That means that our chicken has never had antibiotics administered, ever.

In addition, our NAE chicken supplier is American Humane Certified. This is a 3rd party independent verification that certifies the growers care and handling of farm animals meet the science-based welfare standards of the American Humane Association.

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