​​​​​​​​​Social Sustainability

is achieved through support of the following:

Brakebush Family Foundation  The Brakebush Family Foundation is funded with 10% of the company’s profits per year. The Family Foundation’s mission is to meet the needs of the hungry, hurting and hopeless as well as supporting our local communities.

Food Donations  Donations are made to select groups such as Midwest Food Bank, Second Harvest, Feeding America, church camps as well as local and regional food banks. In 2020, over $102,390 worth of chicken was donated, totalling 280,000 pounds.

Orphan Grain Train 

  • Since 1992, the Orphan Grain Train (OGT) of Wisconsin has been housed at our Westfield location. 
  • In 2020, OGT of WI shipped 75 pallets of vegetables and beans, 32 pallets of rice (enough for 224,856 meals), and 63,450 pounds of chicken. 46 loads in total were shipped, going to the Texas/Mexico border, overseas, and domestic locations. 

Employee Participation in Charity Events

  • We partner with Healthy Communities Healthy Youth of Marquette County (specializes in preventing substance abuse and violence).
  • We have an internal Helping Hands program, which provides cash donations to employees in need because of medical issues, death of a family member or natural disaster.

Safety and Security

  • We have a multi-faceted security program which utilizes electronic security access to our facilities, camera surveillance and security personnel. All doors are locked and the entrances are electronically controlled

  • The security personnel, on-site 24/7/365, monitor and record all incoming truck traffic, and inspect all deliveries to ensure the safety and security of all delivered loads

  • Crisis management team is a cross-functional team made up of managers from across the organization lending a variety of expertise in the event of a crisis. A Crisis Plan has been developed with the help of experts in the field and is tested by means of mock drills.

Learning and Development

Brakebush believes strongly in the continuing education and professional development of our team members. It not only enriches their lives, but it is also the key to retention and advancement of company goals. 

  • A tuition/education reimbursement program is in place for all employees. 100% of books and tuition for general education or business-related coursework is reimbursed.
  • 38 Maintenance Technicians and 1 IT Service Desk Technician are enrolled in or have completed an apprenticeship program.

Talent Management
Launched in 2017, the in-house Learning & Development accomplishments include multiple leadership courses and soft skills learning; workshops, individual coaching, professional development planning, feedback sessions, team building activities and a leadership development program.

  • In 2020, 545 team members participated in 13 workshops/webinars. The topics included:
    • Two leadership courses
    • Three roundtable discussions
    • Five online learning modules
  • We began our Train the Trainer program in 2018 to improve our on-boarding process and retention of new talent. 94 participants moved through the program in 2019.
  • To date, 30 team members have moved through our Leadership Development program– an advanced in-house “leadership retreat” where we examine leadership style, approach and future planning.
  • We have also completed or will complete “life skills” workshops on:
    • Managing stress in the workplace
    • Time management
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Communication skills
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Ongoing individual career path and leadership coaching
  • Through these learning opportunities, we addressed the immediate need COVID-19 presented to lead through crisis and effectively manage virtually. Our COVID-related workshops included:
    • Leading through Uncertainty
    • Managing Yourself & Others Remotely
    • Remote Learning Tools
    • The Next Normal
    • Managing Remotely II (mandatory for managers of remote teams). 
  • In addition to Learning & Development events, our Talent Management team continues to update the new hire process to attract and retain diverse talent through improvements such as:
    • - Expanding our in-house corporate recruiting
    • - Updating job descriptions and compensation analysis
    • - Offering a more robust and personal onboarding process
  • To measure and address employee engagement, we participated in and earned Great Place to Work® certification. The employee survey process helped us identify company strengths and ways we can continue to improve our employee experience. 


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