Making The Chicken That Makes Your Menu ™

​​​​​​​​​​Food Safety

Best practices in food safety are paramount to operating a best-in-class food processing facility. That’s why we take a completely transparent approach to safety, one that helps instill confidence and trust.


  • Aggressive environmental pathogen testing program
  • Participation in a full array of plant audits
  • Multiple technologies​, including x-ray bone detection equipment, ensure that our products are among the safest in the industry
  • Finished product and raw materials are traceable to the supplier and customer levels
  • Our chicken raw material comes from suppliers that operate slaughter facilities under validated HACCP plans in compliance with FSIS regulations. Our suppliers participate in third party animal welfare audits and follow the National Chicken Councils guidelines for Animal Welfare and husbandry practices

  • Westfield Production Facility  - SQF, Level 2 certified
  • Irving Production Facility - BRC and SQF, Level 2 certified
  • Wells Production Facility  - SQF, Level 2 certified