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Students today experience a very different lifestyle compared to prior generations. A reduction in exercise, more fast food, larger portion sizes, video games and other entertainment media have all contributed to childhood obesity rates tripling over the past three decades. Schools are doing their part to put children on a path to a healthy future by providing healthier breakfast and lunch options.

We're helping schools achieve success by providing an extensive line of products, developed specifically for schools, to help drive ADP (average daily participation). Our Kids Klassics® line of CN-labeled whole grain chicken items are formulated to meet the 2014 USDA requirements* and they not only taste great, but the fun shapes add excitement to any menu.

*Analysis sheets for ounce equivalency grains and meat/meat alternate are available upon request.

Recommended Products for Schools

Recommended Products for Schools

Type A Feedings - Whole Grain Nuggets & Patties, Kids Klassics® Whole Grain Shaped Nuggets, and Grilled Nuggets (which have 30% fewer calories per serving than whole grain breaded nuggets)

A La Carte - Cutlets & StripsPopcorn Chicken

​Special Events / Catering - WingsTenderloinsBone-In ChickenBoneless WingsSliced & Diced

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