As the cost of wings continues to soar, Thigh BoneZ™ can serve up meatier profits with a more satisfying eating experience.


One regular 2 oz. Chicken Wing yields 1.2 oz. of meat while one 3.1 oz. Thigh BoneZ yields 2.4 oz. of meat.

Total oz. ​Oz. Meat ​Pieces/order Food Cost​ ​Menu Price Profit
Chicken Wings* 12 oz. 7.2 oz. 6 ​$3.36 ​$8.99 $5.63
Thigh BoneZ ​12.4 oz. 9.6 oz. 4 ​$2.88 ​$8.99 ​$6.11

* Based on industry average case cost of $60.64 (assuming 15% distributor markup) for chicken wings with approximately 108 pieces per case. Approximate cost of Thigh BoneZ is $37.40 (with 15% distributor markup) and 52 pieces per case.

That means you'd need to serve twice as many regular wings to get the same amount of meat as
Thigh BoneZ.

A 4-piece serving of Thigh BoneZ not only gives the guest more meat than a 6-piece serving of wings, but it gives you an additional 48¢ in profit per order. If you increase the wing serving to 8 pieces to match the meat portion, Thigh BoneZ gives you and additional $1.60 in profit!


First, we take bone-in, skinless, whole muscle chicken thigh and hand-cut it, leaving the best part of the meat around the bone. Then we oven roast it with a flavorful smoky rub.

This fully cooked chicken that eats like a rib is easy for you to prepare. It can be baked, fried, grilled or pan seared. Serve like you would beef or pork ribs - dry, wet, lacquered, glazed or dipped. The smoky rub is delicious dry but won't interfere with the flavor of your favorite sauce!

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