Our Processing Facilities

  • Four (4) processing plants with over 950,000 total sq. ft. and over 2,100 dedicated employees located in Westfield, Wisconsin; Irving, Texas; Wells, Minnesota; and Mocksville, North Carolinaworker sorting chicken on production line

State Of The Industry Processing Equipment

  • Multiple high output lines exceeding 10,000 pounds per hour
  • Multiple smaller lines to accommodate start up and smaller volume SKU’s
  • Pre-sizing of raw breast fillets minimizing trim and maximizing value for our customers
  • Multiple cooking, coating, marinating and par fry lines
  • Tenderizing, searing, flattening, char-marking and roasting options
  • X–ray bone detection
  • ​​DSI water jet technology
  • Marel fillet sizing technology
  • Foodservice size packaging to tote size packaging for industrial ingredients
  • Statistical process control system to ensure consistency of the finished products

Our People

  • Experienced long-tenured management teams at both locations
  • Direct national sales force
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service personnel

Strategic Sourcing and Distribution

  • Brakebush has long term relationships in the industry and purchases from over ten (10) different suppliers in over fifteen (15) states
  • Geographic supplier diversification provides additional risk management
  • National direct distribution and a national network of redistributors
  • Brakebush Transportation with our own fleet of trucks

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