​​​​​​​Give 'em the crunch they crave.

Surrounded by the unmistakable crunch of real potato chips, this craveable chicken is sure to be an instant favorite. There's nothing else like them around!

Available in whole muscle chicken tenderloins and new fully cooked chicken breast strips, they're perfect as a snack, meal, sandwich or even salads! Simply deep fry or bake and make crunch time, any time!​​


5373 Tater Chip Tenders™ - whole muscle chicken tenderloins

Nutritional information/cooking instructions


5845 Tater Chip Strips™ - NEW! fully cooked chicken breast strips
Nutritional information/cooking instructions​​

Tater Chip Tenders™

​Serving Suggestions


Chicken Picnic Sandwich - Potato chip coated chicken tenderloins on a cornmeal crusted Kaiser roll with creamy cole slaw

Crunchy Chicken 'N Waffle-wich - Sandwich Tater Chip Tenders between two belgian-style waffles, add a little whipped butter and drizzle with maples syrup

Loaded Potato Chicken Wrap - Wrap up potato chip coated tenderloins with bacon, Cheddar cheese, green onion and sour cream

French Kiss Wrap - Tater Chip Tenders, French onion dip, peppered bacon, Brie cheese, baby spinach and French fried onions wrapped tight in a flour tortilla.


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