Making The Chicken That Makes Your Menu ™

​​​​​​​​​Social Sustainability

Food Donation Programs

  • Brakebush proudly supports select local food programs such as Feeding America, Orphan Grain Train of Wisconsin, and the local county food bank - donating over 600,000 lbs. of chicken in 2017.
  • Emergency response to natural disasters through product donations, ice shipments, and Orphan Grain Train support.
  • Donation and support of local fire departments and EMTs.
  • American Cancer Society and vibrant Relay for Life participation
  • Blood drives through the American Red Cross and Blood Center of Wisconsin
  • Support local church and select non-profit organizations

Employee Education Programs

  • A tuition reimbursement program for all employees, which reimburses 75% of books and tuition for general education or business related coursework. In 2016, 9 employees participated in the program.
  • 32 Maintenance technicians are enrolled in or have completed an apprenticeship program.

  • Brakebush has established a special tuition reimbursement plan for exempt employees, who wish to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree.

  • Supervisors, managers and lead persons are encouraged to attend annual continuing education that is job specific, to ensure that they stay current in their knowledge and job skills. Programs like this are fully paid by Brakebush.
  • Brakebush conducts numerous on-going annual training or refresher programs, in-house, to ​ensure that employees stay current in their training and to remain current with all areas of OSHA compliance. 

Food Safety Program

  • Achievement of SQF level II certification - a globally accepted standard for food safety. Achievement of this certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to the highest standard of food safety. It supports the integrity and protection of the brand and the continuous improvement process. The SQF audit also is designed to reduce the number of second and third party audits, saving time and money. According to the SQFI website, “It enables (suppliers) to meet product trace, regulatory, food safety and commercial quality criteria in a structured and cost effective manner.”
  • Finished product and raw materials are traceable to the supplier and customer levels utilizing SAP. Mock recalls are conducted a minimum of twice per year with a goal of tracing 100% of product in less than 4 hours.
  • Community safety and health - Brakebush works with our local fire departments and County Hazmat team to provide them with training on different response scenarios for the faculty. Brakebush​ also has thirty two hazmat certified technicians on site for our ammonia responses. The ammonia tech helps to protect our team members, the public safety, facility and the environment.
  • Our chicken raw material comes from suppliers that operate slaughter facilities under validated HACCP plans in compliance with FSIS regulations. Our suppliers participate in third party Animal Welfare audits and follow the National Chicken Councils guidelines for Animal Welfare and husbandry practices.
  • Our NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) chi​cken comes from an American Humane Certified supplier. 


  • We currently have a multi-faceted security program, which utilizes electronic security access to the facility, camera surveillance and also security personnel, who are on-site, 24/7/365. All doorways to the facility are locked and the entrances are electronically controlled.
  • Additionally, the security personnel, monitor and record all incoming truck traffic, and inspect all deliveries to ensure the safety and security of all delivered loads.
  • Finally, a Property Pass program allows the company to monitor all items exiting the facility to ensure that only authorized items are leaving the facility.

Crisis Management

  • The Crisis Management Team is a cross-functional team made up of managers from across the organization lending a variety of expertise in the event of a crisis. The Crisis Plan has been developed with the help of experts in the field and is tested by means of mock drills periodically.