All pieces of Individually Quality Frozen packed together in one box. With the bulk pack bone-in product, the individual parts are packed separately, i.e. breasts packed in one bag, drumsticks in a different bag, etc.
Chicken patties and nuggets where pieces of whole muscle meat are reduced in size by mechanical means, mixed to prepare protein portion of meat for binding and then formed into a nugget or pattie shape.  Other term is shaped and formed.
A process for applying unique coatings to our products. The coating system may include the following in various orders: predust, wet batter and breading(s).
Child Nutrition label products allow the manufacturer to state a product’s contribution toward meal pattern requirements demanded by school lunch programs.  Each product is warranted by the USDA as contributing to the stated nutritional claims of the prod
A date code is stamped on each case of product produced. The first 3 digits are the Julian date of the year, the next digit is the last digit of the year, the next 4 digits are the hour and minute in military time and the last digit is the line number.
A bone-in product where the thigh femur bone has been dislocated away from the pelvic bone. The primary reason for this is to enable the heat to penetrate this part of the thigh which is normally the most difficult part to heat thoroughly or cook.
The first wing portion closest to the breast.
Two (2) split breast pieces, two (2) drumsticks, two (2) thighs and two (2) wings.
Split breasts with back and wing portion attached.
Product with breading percentage greater than or equal to 30%.
A product that has been completely cooked to an internal temperature of 160° or more.
Products formulated with no gluten containing ingredients which are those derived from wheat, barley, or rye grains.
Production process that enhances eye appeal and adds some real grilled/char flavor to the product.  Products are grill marked on one side only.  Also referred to as char-marked.
A thigh with back and drumstick portion attached.
Production process that adds a minimal amount of water coating to Individually Quality Frozen unbreaded products (IQF Bone-In and Easy Gourmet Fillets).
Individually Quality Frozen so that each piece is packed without being frozen together with other pieces.
A dry, crispy coating produced using the authentic Far East manufacturing method.  These flaky, white, extra coarse crumbs fry to a light brown with a crisp tender bite that enhances food presentation. Japanese Bread Crumbs are low in moisture so they ad
The end (bottom) portion of the breast obtained when cutting the breast into three pieces instead of split breasts.
Products produced without sorting any of the out-of-specification pieces which would be excluded in the standard products.  Out of specification includes pieces that are excessively small or large, bent or twisted or small areas of missing coating.
Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients
Three breast portions (2 breast with rib and one keel portion), two drumsticks, two thighs and two wings.
Packaging system where individual servings are packed in small poly bags.
Marinated whole muscle meat is pressed into a drum and shaped
Second wing portion.  Piece of wing between the drumette and wing tip
A product that has been blanched in vegetable oil to set the breading and turn the color, but not fully cooked.
A raw product requiring full cooking.
Brakebush uses a box that is partially made from recycled paper that can also be recycled again after use.  It is because of our use of partially recycled paper that our product boxes are slightly grey in color.
Includes several soy protein products such as soy flour, soy grits, soy protein concentrate, hydrolyzed soy protein and soy protein.  Soy proteins are commonly used as nutritional supplements, extenders, meat simulators, emulsifiers, binders and stabilize
The small muscle beneath the major breast muscle whose physiological function is to raise the wing. Our tenderloins are whole muscle and uncut.
Whole muscle, cut portions of the breast tenderloin.
The third part of the wing that is attached to the paddle portion.
Same as hindquarter, except with back removed.
A solid piece of chicken meat that is not comprised of multiple smaller pieces of meat constructed together.
The process of incorporating additional moisture and flavoring into the muscle of meat.
Momosodium Glutamate; a very small percentage of the population has an allergic reaction with MSG.  MSG is a naturally occurring and naturally produced flavor enhancer. All Brakebush products have no added MSG.
A whole chicken without giblets. This means you don't get the gizzards, liver or heart.
Unsaturated fats which are uncommon in nature but can be created artificially.
Our antibiotic free chicken is made from chickens fed an all vegetarian diet and raised without antibiotics.
Our NAE or Antibiotic Free chicken is made from chickens fed an all vegetarian diet and raised with no antibiotics ever. The terms ABF, Never Ever, RWA, No Antibiotics Ever, Naturally Raised, NAE and Raised With No Antibiotics Ever are synonymous.
No chicken you buy is raised in a cage. The majority of chickens raised for meat in the U.S. live in large, open structures called houses where they are free to walk around. Others have varying access to the outdoors, based on farmer preference.
Products carrying the USDA Certified Organic seal must meet the requirements of the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board for organic growing, production, handling, storage and processing practices.
GMOs aim in food crops (fed to chicken and other animals) include resistance to pests, diseases, or environmental conditions; reduction of spoilage; resistance to herbicides; or improving nutrient profile of the crop.
Portioning system for raw chicken using computer positioned, high-pressure water jets to generate complex cuts based on thickness, shape and weight of the raw material.
Produces uniform, value-added raw portions with optimal utilization of fillets.
Bulk freezing of product stacked flat in a 5 pound bag.  Product is about 2” thick to assist in thawing. 
Raised specifically for meat production.  Typically birds have white feathers and reach a slaughter weight at 6-8 weeks.
Older hens that spent their productive lives laying eggs - processed for food at age of 15 months.  The meat is less tender and must be cooked longer to tenderize it. Brakebush does not use fowl meat in any of our production.
Method of farming husbandry where animals, for at least part of the day, can roam freely outdoors rather than being confined in an enclosure all day.

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