Making The Chicken That Makes Your Menu ™
It's Crunch Time! Tater Chip Tenders™ – give your menu a whole new crunch with potato chip coated chicken tenderloins. Brakebush code 5373
CN labeled, grilled chicken breast nuggets with a roasted flavor and light seasoning. Brakebush code 5690
Doo-Wa Ditties Boneless Wings - savory boneless chicken breast with a crispy, lighter fritter coating. Brakebush code 7201
Big Ideas. Bold Chicken. Sriracha Chicken Bites™ - fully cooked chicken breast bites with a slow burn you can't resist. Brakebush code 5584

​​​​Celebrating 90 Years of Producing Great Tasting Chicken!

As a family owned company, Brakebush is excited to celebrate our 90th Anniversary in 2015.

Throughout the years, with the help of a dedicated, experienced workforce, Brakebush has kept the same ideals that our founders started - providing the highest quality products to meet the needs of restaurant operators, schools, healthcare facilities, convenience stores and everyone who wants to serve their customers great tasting chicken.

Brakebush Brothers, since 1925 and the proud tradition continues.