Foodservice needs for healthcare are diverse. Patient/resident satisfaction, special dietary needs, retail dining options for staff and visitors, food safety and the need for speed all contribute to the challenges. At Brakebush, our high quality chicken is equally as diverse, from gluten free and reduced sodium, to grab and go and on-trend flavors. Our fully cooked, frozen chicken reduces cross contamination risk, cooks fast, and holds well - saving time and labor costs.


Cafeteria / Retail Dining

On average, employee and visitor feeding make up over 52% of dining sales. Offering a variety of great tasting food to address ever changing demands and expectations of customers is a constant challenge for hospital foodservice. Staff and visitors alike expect restaurant quality food. With over 90 years of providing great tasting chicken to restaurants, we've used that proven success to develop products you can utilize to keep your menu fresh and your guests wanting more.

Patient Feeding

Meeting the wide array of dietary considerations like lower sodium, lower fat, gluten free, renal diets, etc. are a daily challenge. While we can't provide solutions for every dietary need, products like our lower sodium breast cutlets, grilled fillets, sliced and diced breast or breaded breast strips are gluten free; and there is no need to deep fry as all of our products are great out of the oven.

Take a look at our complete line of great tasting chicken.​


Food preferences are changing in Senior Living facilities. With the influx of Baby Boomers, dining and menu options will continue to change. More unique and innovative foods will need to be offered. Authentic and ethnic foods will gain in popularity. Snacking and grab and go options will grow. Healthy options will remain important.

We have many products that meet these changes and challenges and address labor and food cost issues. Our chicken works well in a variety of menu ideas and day-parts and can enhance both dining room and in-room experiences.

 ​Take a look at our complete line of great tasting chicken.​




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